How do I create a DSN (ODBC Connection) for my Access Database?

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Created: 05:27 PM 03.26.03
Author: Support
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If you wish to have a DSN created for your Access database, your Access database must be located in the /private directory

It can not be located within a directory in /private.

Your database file should be located in /private to prevent web users the ability to download your database by entering in a URL.

DSNs on our system are created in the following format:


where you can select what you would like to use as a prefix.

To have your DSN created, simply email our support team with the following information:

FTP Username:
Domain Name:
Database File Name:
Chosen Prefix:

 Support staff will then have your DSN created on the system.  DSNs are then propogated to the webserver farm within 15 minutes of creation.


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