When I visit my site, I see an under construction page instead of my site

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Created: 05:51 PM 03.26.03
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If you visit your site, and see an under construction page, this could be for a couple of reasons:

1.  You have not uploaded your site yet. 

The system places an under construction page in your webspace to tell your visitors that your site will be coming soon.  When you upload your site content, you can remove the under construction page by replacing or deleting the index.html file that is in your site.

2.  You have not replaced the under construction file with a start page of your own.

When you upload your site, the system needs to be given a starting page.  The first page of your site must be named one of the following:

For Linux Hosting Clients:
index.html,  index.htm,  index.shtml,  index.php,  index.phtml

For Windows Hosting Clients:
index.html,  index.htm,  index.asp,  index.cfm,  index.php,  default.html,  default.htm,  default.asp,  default.cfm

Therefore the system will look for those documents in their respective order when selecting the first page of your site. 

example:  if you have an index.html file and an index.php, the index.html file will be what the system shows as your first page.

Therefore, you should first remove our index.html file and then upload your site, making sure that you have a valid file for your first page.

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